What doES Q-dees Starters children think of the program? IT’S FUN!

Q-dees Starters is truly distinctive as the program integrate the latest in teaching methodologies and technology; ensuring our children a fantastic foundation upon which they can exponentially grow from.



Q-dees Starters is brought to life through: songs, dance, animation, art and craft, poetry and stories via an exclusive and highly interactive multimedia platform in conjunction with propriety teaching tools that empower our children with a greater range of learning, higher rates of absorption, improved attentiveness as well as enhancing their ability to apply lessons learnt in the classroom to their daily activities!

Together with passionate and loving teaching staffs, Q-dees Starters is enowned for being fun, inspiring creativity, developing vital intelligences while instilling a lifelong curiosity and passion for learning.



Q-dees’ acclaimed cutting-edge programs have been specifically formulated with one objective in mind; to augment our children’s holistic development during their vital formative years.

Recognising the importance of staying relevant and being one step ahead of the ever-changing global landscape of early childhood education, Q-dees is one of the pioneers in Malaysia to set-up a Research and Development (R&D) centre in Cyberjaya.

Q-dees About Us
Beamind Link & Think™ Methodology

The R&D Centre is entrusted to continually evolve and update our programs while employing stringent global benchmarks to guarantee that the latest, most effective methodologies and technologies are adopted and improved upon.

Q-dees continuous investment reflects the breadth and depth of our approach to the dynamic methodologies used in our programmes as well as our commitment to our children’s effective development.



Q-dees Starters has been awarded numerous accolades that recognise and distinguish Q-dees commitment to service and educational excellence, unwavering product innovation through our intensive R&D as well as being the Best Brand in Preschool Education.

This includes The BrandLaureate SMEs Best Brand Award of which Q-dees has been a proud recipient for 8 consecutive years:

  • SME Star Brand Award for Preschool Education Excellence 2014
  • SMEs Best Brand Master Award 2013
  • SMEs Best Brand Signature Award 2012
  • SMEs Best Brands Award 2011
  • SMEs Best Brands Award 2010
  • SMEs Best Brands Award 2009
  • SMEs Best Brands Award 2008
  • SME Recognition Award for Brand Excellence 2012
  • SME Recognition Award for Innovation Excellence 2013
  • SME Recognition Award for Brand Excellence 2014