Early Discovery Programme

An action-packed programme with engaging stories and songs presented through our multi-sensory interactive software which powerfully engages children in a natural learning process, developing them into confident and expressive individuals.

Q-dees Early Discovery Program
Q-dees Early Discovery Program


At Q-dees Starters, we encourage our children to grow their imagination.

Why? Because imagination builds a variety of skills, including problem solving, language, social and communicative skills. We engage our children’s imagination through interactive lessons that involve them doing more than just simply sitting at a table and listening to the teacher.

Q-dees Starters children get to have fun while learning the language through dance, songs, and actions that exemplify the meaning of a word or concept. Through Q-dees Starters exclusive multimedia and thematic syllabus, our children are transported to a whole new world beyond their classroom setting.

Q-dees Early Discovery Program 2
English Play Imagination


Is it too early to teach toddlers logical thinking and memory skills?

Our answer is, “No, it is not too early.” In fact, research findings have supported the notion that toddlers do have the ability to retain memories even at their young age, and it is because of their young age that they are able to make more neural connections.

Recognising this as a crucial period, we have created specific subjects for our Early Discovery Programme (EDP) to train our children to focus their attention and memory recall. The syllabus helps to strengthen their photographic memory and develop logical and reasoning skills, while ensuring that they never miss a moment of fun and laughter.

Q-dees Early Discovery Program 3
Memory and Logical Training