Q-dees Math Science
Q-dees Math and Science

Through combining the use of Q-dees very own Hands-on Mind-on Mathsboard™ together with the I/Q Math Program multimedia and print, our children are given room to explore concepts as they learn to count efficiently and think logically.This math program provides them with a solid foundation and confident mastery in global math topics that also include the cultivation of critical thinking skills such as mental patterns and problem-solving.


Q-dees Math Science 2
Q-dees Math and Science

Q-dees motto in teaching children science is: “I experiment and I think”. Our I/Q Science Programme™ at Q-dees has been specially designed to make complex science phenomena simple and stimulating for learning.With topics ranging from biometrics and photosynthesis, to convection and dissolution, our children become fascinated as they learn more about the world around them and how it works.