Thematic Approach

Q-dees Thematic English Programme
Q-dees Thematic English Programme

Q-dees English syllabus is also taught thematically as this allows our children to learn and understand subject matter beyond their age. The Enhance Foundation English Programme™ is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Thematic Programme™ in enhancing our children’s mastery of the language. By learning the language in themes, their vocabulary is widened and correct contextual usage of the language is encouraged.

Proverbs, idioms and sayings are also introduced into their lessons to enhance their language proficiency and imbue morale values. Encompassing the essential skills that are, reading, writing, listening and speaking, the thematic approach gives our children the opportunity and space to express themselves in the language.


Phonics Programme​



Phonics teaches children to read and write by identifying the specific sounds each letter in the alphabet makes. At Q-dees, our Phonics Programme™ breaks away from the conventional route of teaching phonics.

Instead of teaching the letter sounds alphabetically, we teach strategic key letters that are mostly used in word formation, thus promoting word recognition and hence, confidence in mastering the language. Through exclusive interactive animation, stories, dance, games and songs, the phonics letters are dramatized through actions to ensure total engagement and reinforcement of learning while having fun!


E-Reader Program



Our E-Reader programme consist of carefully graded readers with a controlled vocabulary to enable your child to read fluently and enthusiastically. In addition to the printed version, your child can connect online from the comfort of home and gain direct access to our rich and exciting e-Readers. Our printed and interactive reading programme is developed with engaging storylines, animated stories, idioms and sing-along creative poems and songs.