Q-dees Scholars

The Q-dees Scholars Program is an internationally benchmarked English and Math program developed by the Q-dees Education Group which aims to bring the award-winning Q-dees ‘Link & Think’ teaching methodology to the primary school level, where specialised high-quality education programs are highly demanded.

Benchmarked against international standards, Q-dees Scholars’ syllabus comprises of various learning modules based upon the revolutionary ‘Link & Think’ methodology. The curriculum is integrated and emphasises on incremental learning progression; each topic is designed to build upon skills and knowledge gained from prior lessons.

In Scholars, students progress through the course at their own pace, ensuring complete understanding of a subject before progressing to the next. By understanding a topic before progressing, students will gain self-confidence and develop healthy learning habits. Eventually, these habits become natural and their strong foundations will help accelerate their love for knowledge in all future academic endeavours.

Q-dees Scholars 2

Our programs are centered on the Link & Think approach, propelling your child towards an infinite learning curve by linking the Logical and Creative mind to think.

Each time a link takes place, a learning connection is formed in your child’s brain cells. The integrative and wholesome nature of our program provides your child with endless learning connections, further accelerating his/her intellectual and artistic development.

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