For Children Ages 1.8 to 5 Years Old.

At Q-dees International Preschool, we first and foremost build a strong learning foundation for children by linking their logical and creative mind to think, hence making the learning experience fun, interactive, creative and impactful. Second, and equally important, we nurture children to become confident, capable, caring and compassionate through the Q-dees Love to Life core values. Our preschool programs include:

  • Early Discovery Programme
  • Q-dees Foundation Programme
  • Enhanced Foundation Programme
  • Developmentally Appropriate Program


For Children Ages 4 to 12 Years Old.

At Q-dees International Enrichment Centre, we ensure learning is fun, easily digestible and relevant by employing a student-centric learning approach. We adopt multimedia programmes that are research-backed and up-to-date to empower our students with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and foster crticial thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication (4Cs) all of which are essential skills of a 21st Century Learner. Our enrichment programs include:

  • International IQ Math™
  • International English™
  • International Mandarin™
  • International Art™

Offering a Unique Revolution for Childhood Education

We use our ever-evolving, award-winning Link & Think Methodology in our programmes to Link the logical and creative. Each time a link happens, a learning connection is formed. This is possible because our programmes are so integrated that your child’s brain cells cannot stop making learning connections. Now, learning is accelerated, simple and motivating to your child.

What Our Parents Say

Quality Education at International Standards

"I was so surprised that Artemis has learnt gravity, inertia and buoyancy at such a young age. When I asked her, ‘What did you learn?’ She replied by singing, ‘There’s an apple that fell on the ground, gravity, gravity.’ That’s when I realise that she’s actually learning a lot."

- Artemis' Mom

More Than Just Academics, Modling An Independent Child

"Q-dees Early Discovery Programme (EDP): My child learns how to perform daily tasks, like; how to eat and do things on his own. I personally feel the toilet training was very helpful, especially for working parents."

- Rafael's Parents

Award-winning Link & Think Methodology

"I think that we should take advantage of the technologies that are available at this time especially for kids. I remember during my time, these benefits were not there. If it could enhance their learning abilities, I think it’s good for them."

- Alessia's Parents