At Q-dees, we nurture children to be

The Best That They Can Be

Our Vision

To provide world-class quality educational programmes for the development and realisation of the global knowledge economy in order to empower young minds globally to be the best that they can be.

Our Mission

We are constantly striving to make learning intelligent, inspiring, fun and creative for children. Our Research & Development division is the leader of product innovation and service excellence in collaboration with our global network of dedicated partners in education.

Our Core Values

Q-dees Love to Life values are guiding principles we believe in, stand for, and live out, to inspire our children to:

  • Learn to Love
  • Love to Learn
  • Love the Community

We strive to instil the value of love in our children because we believe that the power of love is most effective in motivating children to learn. When children love learning, they will become confident, young individuals who won’t be afraid to explore and discover new horizons.