A Preschool For Everyone

About Q-dees Preschool

Q-dees International Preschool Programme is purposefully designed for pre-primary children from 1.8 to 5 years old. The syllabus and content are methodically researched, written and developed through years of experience by industry experts. Q-dees International Preschool nurtures children to become confident, capable, caring and compassionate through the Q-dees Love to Life core values. At Q-dees, we build a strong learning foundation for children by linking their logical and creative mind to think, hence making the learning experience fun, interactive, creative and impactful.


For Ages 1.3 to 5 Years Old

Developmentally Appropriate Programme (DAP)

Our Centers offer full degree program that cater to the developmental needs of your child. We offer daycare programs that suit the needs of your child same time, friendly on the parent’s budget The daycare’s environment is equipped with child friendly educational materials poised to enhance the proper skills of your children.

For Ages 1.8 to 2.4 Years Old

Early Discovery Programme (EDP)

As parents, we want to equip our children with the best preschool education. At Q-dees, we give them an early start by making the lessons comprehensive and engaging. It is a fun and interactive program that can develop your child to be confident and expressive through our exciting themes.

For Ages 2.5 to 3.7 Years Old

Q-dees Foundation Level 1 (QF1)

It is during this stage in your child’s life that they become more absorbent of knowledge around them. With our award-winning Link and Think methodology, we expose them to the proper materials that will aid their learning.

For Ages 3.8 to 4.11 Years Old

Q-dees Foundation Level 2 (QF2)

Q-dees Foundation Programme exposes your child to the proper materials that will aid their learning. It integrates all the fundamentals of learning to provide your child with a strong foundation. Your child will soar to greater heights as he or she leaves Q-dees for the big school.